Meena International

We are building a platform to enhance the tech product development of Japanese companies with minimal possible cost.

Here are the companies we already worked with
Whether you are a startup or a mid size growing IT company, we can help you unload you IT development work.
Meena international for all businesses and communities, we are the only platform you need to grow your business with the help of tech.
Technologies We work with
Fullstack development
We can develop or provide developers to build full-stack application using JS frameworks, Java, Python, Golang, ruby on rails.
iOS App development
We can support to develop iOS application from zero to make your app live on the app store.
API Integrations
We can provide 3rd party API integrations in your application of your choice. Whether it google map api or payment api integration.
Web 3
Web 3 is latest technology to build online transactional application.
Blockchain development
We help with blockchain application from ground and provide full-support.
Desk support system
We develop fully functional desk support agent to help your business grow.
Fully Customizable IT services
Choose from a variety of tech stack to get started. And customize your application to fit your business.
Add unlimited new features any time you want, we will support you from ground.
Gain valuable insights into your customers and products with our analytics tools.
Best in class security to protect your data and your customers.
We are having simple and transparent pricing plans for all businesses.
Start building your business today.
Curious about how we can help your business? Get in touch with our team to learn more about our platform and how we can help you grow your business.